Welcome to the Center for Language Teaching Advancement’s learner training modules for students learning a second language.  Each module covers a different topic to help you in your journey as a language learner.

Module 1: Understanding proficiencyfootprints (Small)
What proficiency is, how it is measured.
Module 2: Language learning basics
How second languages are learned and taught.
Module 3: Language learning strategies
Strategies to make you a better language learner.

Click on a module from the menu bar above to begin. It is recommended you start with module 1: Understanding Proficiency first.  You then use the tabs or the NEXT button to navigate the materials.

Informed language learnerEarn a digital badge:
After you complete these modules, you can take a quiz to earn the CeLTA Informed Language Learner Badge.

More Materials:
CeLTA has also developed the following resources for language learners, which are useful for students at and intermediate or above levels of language proficiency:

  • Conversation Connections is an online database to help you find a language partner.
  • Our Conversation Partner Guide will help you make the most of your meetings with your language partner through use of structured discussions and activities.
  • Our Reflect application (MSU netID required) provides you with online speaking practice that encourages you to speak reflect upon your speaking performance, so you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.